Diwali is one of the beautiful and auspicious festivals in India. From firing crackers to lighting diyas, the festival celebrated with great enthusiasm and fun.

Well, here at IdeaBox we love celebrating festivals. Last week was a very special one because of the Diwali festival, and in our small way, we celebrated Diwali event on 6th November.

The day began with office decoration with Rangoli’s fascinating colors, flowers, and lights. It was heartening to see us all dressed in traditional costumes, brimming with happiness and preparing for the Diwali. Let’s have a look.

On a happy note, the day ended. The feeling is worth sharing and affection that every member of the team feels for one another. For all of us, it wasn’t less than a family get-together and that’s what we all love about IdeaBox.

Priyanka Hansawat

Priyanka Hansawat

I am Priyanka, Community manager at IdeaBox Creations. I am a social media fanatic who loves writing & reading. When I am not working, I am either cooking, singing, or traveling.

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